venitinmentem said: Bill Clinton??? For some particular reason…? Was that when he was in that Lewinsky scandal? I would perhaps have blogged about O’Donnell too. I had a crush on him in the Batman movies.

Clinton took office that year and it was the really the first election I was old enough to understand what was going on. We had had 12 years of Republicans and it was so exciting to have a young, liberal President. It was before the Lewinsky scandal and, although I didn’t think about him in those terms, I can’t say I blamed the girl!!


venitinmentem asked: 17 for the age meme?

When I was 17 I would have blogged about:

Bill Clinton, my new kitten (RIP Chelsea), the soundtrack to Sleepless in Seattle, Chris O’Donnell (oh god this is embarrassing), Walt Whitman, college applications, trigonometry homework that made me cry, my ulcer (see previous two items), and my running list of People Who Piss Me Off.

You couldn’t pay me enough to be that age again.

send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old


It will no doubt be mortifying, but do it!

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Mid Afternoon Dance Break:

Robert Palmer

"Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)"

Mid Afternoon Dance Break:

The Contours

"Do You Love Me"

Lucy is One of the Stupider Movies I’ve Paid Money to See

…but if it gets us that much closer to a woman-fronted superhero movie, I’m willing to do my part.

(There were 7 [seven!] trailers before Lucy and the only female character who spoke a line was Anastasia Steele. We HAVE to do better.)

Mid Afternoon Dance Break:


"Whip It"

Mid Afternoon Dance Break:


"Do You"